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MMS Engineering - Projects In Pictures

New Allendale Waterfront GO station
Barrie, Ontario
Ryerse 10MVA Solar Farm
Port Dover, Ontario
Guelph GO Terminal
LED illuminated Kiss & Ride area
New electrcal building on front and tunnel entrace, narrow building visible at back
New elevated water tank
Municipality of King, Ontario
Substation Greenwood 230kV - Control and Protection Panel
(PowerStream, Vaughan, Ontario)
Goreway Drive Combined Cycle 860MW Power Plant
(Brampton, Ontario)
Twin-Pad Hockey Arena and Boxing Club
(Kitchener, Ontario)
LEED Gold certified sports facility - View from main entrance
Combined Cycle Power Plant, Portland Energy Center
(Port of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario)
670MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Plant
(InvEnergy, St. Clair (Corunna), Ontario)
320MW Combined Cycle Gas Turbine power plant
(Under construction in Thorold, Ontario)
Unit substation of 3000/4000 kVA
(Alliance Surface Finishing)
Protection and control panels for 500kV Yard at testing site
(Virelec Ltd. "Charrua" project)
Substation 40MVA
(Carmel Olefins Ltd.)
Bulk Load Facility (Red Path Sugar)

Power management system for centrifugal machines.
Power and lighting design for new bulk load facility.
200T Press and Feed line
(Matcor Automotive)
Training center of Computer Integrated Manufacturing Technologies (CIM).
It has a sophisticated data network and central control unit for the academic instructor (left front side).
(Degem Systems Ltd.)
Refrigeration Compressor Automated Testing Rig
(Mobile Climate Control Inc.)
Pre-Start Safety Review (PSR) of press 800T
(Mac Tailored Blanking Ltd.)
Pre-Start Safety Review (PSR) of presses 400T
(Mac Tailored Blanking Ltd.)
Pre-Start Safety Review (PSR) of a Fuel Tube Machine
(Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Mississauga, Ontario)
Kirov Co. Hydraulic Manipulator - Belorusian National Industry Annual Award, 1981

Kirov Co. Just one unit of transfer line for diesel engines
(KAMAZ Automotive Factory)

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